Danny R. Glover Shows Companies How to Improve Performance and Profits By Using Assessments

Companies seeking to increase productivity and profits can realize their goals faster by implementing the DISC assessment.

Companies have long sought to find ways to boost employee productivity. A quick look around corporate America will show you seminars, workshops and programs designed to increase employee performance on the job. A Gallup poll found that the lost productivity of disengaged employees cost businesses over $350 billion per year. The toll it takes on leaders can be even higher.

“The majority of companies cost themselves money because they fail to hire the right employee for the position,” said Danny R. Glover, founder of Glover Consulting Service which delivers human behavior and leadership consulting to companies who desire more productivity. “By simply placing the right person in the right position, companies can see exponential growth in both sales and employee retention,” Danny added.

Glover recommends that companies implement an assessment called DISC. This assessment is a comprehensive look inside what strengths a potential employee brings to the table as well as their blind spots. Using a DISC assessment allows both the employee and supervisor to better understand how to succeed in their roles at the company.

In recent years, the Major League Baseball team, The Arizona Diamondbacks, utilized the DISC assessment when they were forming their franchise. As a result their team reached the World Series in just four years, which was the shortest time frame ever recorded in baseball history.

“Many companies have administered the DISC assessment; however, they missed the mark in understanding the assessment and how to maximize the assessment’s potential with their employees. The result is that the assessment gets put in a file, and it never really gets used. What my firm does is to help companies fully understand how using the DISC will increase their performance. We take it to a level of transformation. The assessment by itself is not the key. Understanding how to use the information is what leads to transformation,” said Danny Glover.

Dave Ramsey, host of The Dave Ramsey Show, best selling author and founder of Financial Peace University utilize DISC in his companies. Tony Robbins and John C. Maxwell are also big proponents of utilizing DISC assessments to help people reach their highest potential.

“When a company engages our firm, we ensure they see transformation through on-going training and implementation into their culture. They want results and that is what we provide at Glover Consulting Services,” said Glover.

When asked if companies should use the report in the hiring process Danny said, “Absolutely! We have a tool that allows you to have 360-degree input into an optimum personality profile for any position you have. Then, you take your lead candidates and see which of their DISC profiles best match the position profile you created. While this cannot guarantee success, it does greatly increase the probability of success. When an employ is in a position that better fits his/her own personality, they are able to behave naturally in fulfilling the job requirements.  Also, the 360-degree input allows you to match the worker to their direct report. This cannot be done with a one-size-fits-all description of the position.” 

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