Signature Plates Celebrates American Manufacturing Month with “Made in USA” Name Plates

MESQUITE, TX – 10/5/15 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In celebration of Manufacturing month across the country, Signature Plates based in Mesquite Texas is introducing a line of ready-to-install “Made in USA” name plates for U.S. manufacturers.

Signature Plates has long been known for providing custom identification plates, nameplates and signs for American manufacturers. They have a firm mission to help companies “Sign Your Work” as too often the most important marketing piece of equipment, the nameplate, doesn’t match the quality and style of the product. “We want to help American manufacturers show off their work,” stated Signature Plates Account Manager Jana Lynn Wilson, “as  ‘American Made’ means more jobs and growth in our local communities.”

“We help people become more independent everyday and are proud to make our products in our community,” said Kathy Smith from Life Essentials Lifts, an American manufacturer based in Brookston, Indiana.  Smith and her husband Hubert Von Holten came up with mobility products that assist their customers in everyday and work activities such as mobility, farming, horseback riding, truck driving, industry work, and many activities at home and at play. “My husband is an American inventor. He didn’t let his disability hold him back. Instead he came up with a solution and a business that changes lives and creates jobs in our town. It’s men like Hubert that built America and continue to help America grow.” 

Smith ordered custom “Made in USA” name plates from Signature Plates for their lifts. “We’re proud of the men and women in Brookston who make our equipment,” Smith said. “Jana Lynn and her team helped us create beautiful name plates that display our brand and the American flag… the name plates are the final touch on our equipment before we ship it out into the world.”

In addition to creating custom “Made in USA” name plates for manufacturers, Signature Plates now offers ready-to-use “Made in USA” name plates with holes or adhesive backing in packs of 25. To order the name plates, visit

About Life Essentials: Life Essentials Inc manufacturers lifts and assistive mobility products for the home, recreation, and business. Life Essentials works to adapt and invent, to innovate and personalize, and to bring exactly the products needed in the places customers need them. Life Essentials builds every product to suit every need. They don’t build items and store them on shelves. Life Essentials Lifts are built per spec to meet individual needs. For more information, visit or call (765) 563-3158.

About Signature Plates: Signature Plates has manufactured custom metal name plates in the USA for more than 50 years.  We use over 130 different types of sheet metal to fabricate hundreds of shapes in a variety of imprinting methods, including:  chemical etching, screen printing, embossings, sublimation and laser and mechanical engraving.  Let us help you Sign Your Work.  For more information about Signature Plates, please call (866) 273-6182 or

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