Ambient Clinical Analytics Announces a Sepsis Clinical Care Decision Support Tool, Supports New CMS Reporting Requirements

Rochester, MN – Ambient Clinical Analytics, the provider of powerful real-time bedside clinical decision support tools for hospitals, announces the launch of their newest support tool for clinical care, the Detection and Response Tool, (DART). DART is a solution that uses customer-defined sepsis detection and support rules to indicate that sepsis may be present or developing. 

The launch of DART comes just prior to Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services’ (CMS) new Oct. 1st reporting requirements for Sepsis. DART monitors treatment protocols per the updated requirements.

The algorithms for Ambient Clinical’s DART were created working in conjunction with Mayo Clinic clinicians.  When it appears that sepsis may be present or developing, Ambient Clinical’s DART will then programmatically send defined messages to specified caregivers and provide monitoring of treatment progress in the critical first 6 hours of care per CMS guidelines.  Ambient Clinical’s DART is the first of future products that collect data, present, manage, store, and deliver patient information that address important potential clinical problems such as sepsis.    

“Ambient Clinical’s DART is an important product launch for our company. We’re excited to be launching a system that provides a customizable tool to indicate potential sepsis, which is a high mortality and high cost condition. DART also supports CMS reporting requirements,” said Al Berning, CEO.   

“DART is not just another detection alert.  It is a nonintrusive navigation tool that monitors sepsis care bundle progress toward CMS defined sepsis care treatment and improved sepsis outcomes,” said Vitaly Herasevich M.D. Ph.D., a founding clinical team member.

Ambient Clinical’s DART is a pivotal technology in Ambient Clinical’s portfolio of technologies licensed from Mayo Clinic that are changing the way critical care providers practice. Ambient Clinical Analytics provides clinical decision support tools at the patient’s bedside for the general hospital, Emergency Departments, ICU and other critical care areas.

Ambient Clinical Analytics and AWARE were launched  at HIMSS by a multi-specialty, world-class founding clinical team from Mayo Clinic, who joined CEO Al Berning, a technology veteran of 20 years.

Mayo Clinic and Dr. Herasevich have a financial interest in the technology referenced in this news release.

About Ambient Clinical Analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics sells powerful real-time bedside healthcare data assimilation, communication, and analytics based clinical decision support tools that support the general hospital floor, Emergency Department, ICU and other critical care areas. Our business model is supported by software license fees, SaaS, Cloud and system integration revenue.  Ambient Clinical Analytics have an MD and executive team with strong track records in medicine, clinical research and informatics, medical products and IT.

Additional information about Ambient Clinical Analytics and DART indications for use can be found by visiting:

DART is not intended to diagnose any specific disease, including sepsis.  It is intended to be an information transfer system used by physicians.  Physicians should use their own clinical judgment when deciding where to employ DART.

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