Recovering From Addiction through Nature Therapy

Each individual person takes a different route that will work for their unique needs.
There are a thousand different paths to addiction.

Each person takes their own route, ending at a point where they are considering a need for help to recover. On the return path, when addiction is on the way to the rear-view mirror, there’s an equally unique and individualized route that each addict must take. Nature Therapy is a way to approach addiction which may appeal to addicts who are not comfortable with the traditional twelve step program approach to recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

On the boundary of Texas and Oklahoma, there is a ranch that’s over 100 years old. It’s been restored to a beautiful condition and hosts just a few people who are striving to overcome addiction at a time.  With only six beds, the Images program created by Seven Ponds is dedicated to helping addicts find their center and their path, without the large group counseling and twelve step process that some people find triggers their anxiety.

The more intensive, intimate and internal Images program allows the recovering addict to understand their own behavior in a new and different way.  They are given an opportunity to consider their addictive behavior as part of a pattern or cycle in their lives. So often, patients who are struggling to recover from drug or alcohol abuse will find they have a history of antisocial behaviors. Obsessive-compulsive patterns, difficult relationships which may have caused large amounts of pain and knowledge of the scope that addiction has harmed their own lives bring people to Seven Oaks Images program, in search of a very personal recovery.

Nature Therapy began receiving serious publicity in the early 2000’s.  However, the concept of healing through nature has been around for thousands of years. Traditions from all over the planet understand the peace and tranquility which can be found through a communion with nature and an appreciation of a human’s place on the planet. Feeling grounded and stable is one of the things an addict longs for, and it’s very possible to find that solace in Nature Therapy.

In addition, the use of cognitive behavioral programs allows the talented and experienced therapists to guide their small group of patients into a stronger and more beneficial self-image; one which can, in turn, lead to a better set of decision-making paradigms. Understanding the images that each person carries in his or her mind can be the turning point to understanding the person’s behavior. When there’s conflict and negativity in how a person sees himself, there can be great healing in Nature Therapy.

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