ATF, Secret Service, DHS Cover-ups Have Led To Increase In Mass Shootings And Dozens of Lethal Crimes

Oct 05, 2015 – Several major cover-ups within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Secret Service have led to several major crime trends currently ravaging America. These trends have led to the sexual assault, rape, and homicide of dozens of women and girls and a sharp increase in mass shootings. Details are contained in a report by school and mass shooting researcher and expert Jerome Almon.

According to documents in the possession of the ATF Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz, the organization is in the midst of a deep crisis emanating from sexual harassment, sexual assault, and physical assaults within the bureau Documents indicate that US Senator Chuck Grassley has received a flood of complaints from female officers and analysts within the agency over the past week.

The number and severity of the complaints indicate a lethal threat to the security of Americans due to a complete breakdown within the ATF’s standard operational  procedure, functionality, and morale systems. According to Almon, this has led to dysfunction and lethal delays in the areas of policy and the physical interruption of mass shooters. Records from the Department of Justice (DOJ) indicate that the females who filed the original complaints allege a cover up by the ATF’s Inspector General. Almon also cites the failure of the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme as a prime example of the fundamental breakdown of  leadership within the ATF.

According to a report from a well-respected media source, the Secret Service has knowingly withheld information that proves the agency’s theory on school shooters to be irrefutably erroneous The report has served as the blueprint for law enforcement nationwide in addressing the issue of school shooters. According to Almon the errors in science and hypothesis, have fueled the severity and frequency of school and mass shootings. A report from the same media source indicates that DHS reviewed the information proving the Secret Service report to be wrong over a dozen times within a 24 hour period. The report provides the origin, causation, and solution to school and mass shootings. 

The report correctly predicted the increase to one school shooting a week, the move of mass shooters to theaters (Aurora and Lafayette), and correctly forecast the trend spreading to other demographics within American society years in advance of the trend. Subsequent mass shootings at University of California Santa Barbra and Umqua Community College in Oregon validate the report’s prognostications. Almon is highly critical of the organizations that have been formed to address mass shootings, asserting that they have had a negative effect concerning the problem. Documentation from several top law enforcement officials provide evidence that the system devised by Almon has accurately predicted specific shootings in specific cities sometimes days before they occurred. The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit has substantiated many of the report’s conclusions  found the system to be fool proof.

Interviews with Almon broadcast by iHeart radio in Lafayette and Los Angeles in Almon warned that 2015-2016 school year would be particularly dangerous regarding mass shootings, and that it was “make or break” time for law enforcement and America gain control of the situation. Almon has forwarded the information to Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz due to hearings he is chairing regarding misconduct within the Secret Service; including impropriety directly related to Congressman Chaffetz himself

Documents in the possession of DHS Inspector General John Roth provide evidence of several massive cover-ups within the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and US Customs and Border Protection concerning the sexual assault, rape, and murder of numerous girls and women by members of the agency. Emails indicate, Mr. Almon has been contacted by several major media outlets in the US, Europe, and India concerning the issue. Almon states the media interest is related to his warning of the threat six years before a whistle blower confirmed criminal activity within the agencies. The incidents have brought in the Foreign Ministers of several countries including India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Almon’s report warns of several major looming catastrophes due to basic errors and corruption within DHS leadership. These physical threats involve an eminent threat to tens of thousands of Americans and the certain loss of hundreds of billions of dollars to the US economy. Almon cites as an example, the predicted rise of Black Lives Matter and its relationship to a disastrous situation now threatening America’s northern border Documents indicate additional and much more lethal danger has prompted Canadian Cabinet Ministers to write Mr. Almon, and for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to personally review Almon’s recommendations and warnings concerning the matter. 

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