The Benefits of an Idyllic Intervention Program

Seven Ponds has designed the Idyllic Intervention program to support the addict’s exploration of recovery.
One of the newer offerings from Seven Ponds, the Idyllic Intervention program, is designed for those suffering from addiction; specifically, for those who are receiving extreme pressure from their friends, families, co-workers and others to take action toward recovery.

Many addicts contemplate recovery for a long time before taking the leap. They may deal with the pressure from people in their lives for a long time, before overcoming their own fears and trepidations about committing to an expensive, time-consuming and ultimately difficult recovery program. The opportunity to explore treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in a safe and beautiful setting, without a long-term commitment, may be what the addict needs in order to make the move into a full recovery program.

Seven Ponds has designed the Idyllic Intervention program to support the addict’s exploration of recovery. A shorter term program, lasting typically only ten days, will allow the addict to interact with professionals who serve as the foundation for the recovery program offered at Seven Ponds. The medical, mental health, wilderness therapy and paraprofessionals will all be completely available to those exploring the idea of a life returned to sobriety.

In addition, all facilities at Seven Ponds are available to those participating in Idyllic Intervention’s self-intervention program. The hiking trails, kayaking, gym, meditation center and mountain biking trails can all help the addict to re-center and discover their internal resources. While there are communal kitchens and dining for connecting with other clients, there are also semi-private rooms, private cabins and beautiful, natural outdoor accommodations available that can help the addict ultimately make a decision about their longer term plans.

Reaching the point at which recovery treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is useful and wanted can take an unpredictable amount of time and varies wildly from addict to addict. Each person makes their own path to sobriety. The sense that someone is being forced down a road that they aren’t ready for can cause a very intense reaction, harming the process and rendering the time, effort and money spent on therapy worse than useless.

When a patient elects that it is their time to enter therapy to recover from addiction, and when they are a stakeholder in the recovery program they choose, there is a far greater chance of the recovery program having a life-long impact.  

This successful experience can help successfully foster the kind of sober life that everyone wishes for their loved ones.


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