Selma Woman Seeks Financial Support for Mayoral Campaign

SELMA, AL – Oct 05, 2015 – A leader rises up and makes a moving speech every three to five years that causes dramatic changes in the way Americans view racial, social, and political issues. Jerria Martin is beginning to show signs that she is this leader, while stirring the hearts and minds of people in Selma through her Mayoral campaign. However, if this historic campaign is to be successful, it will require significant financial support from those who want to partner with history.

On August 28, 2015, Jerria Martin, the first female and youngest candidate for Mayor in Selma’s history, officially announced her candidacy to become one of these historic leaders that shakes a nation and causes dramatic changes in the way Americans, and citizens of Selma, view social and political issues. Her announcement speech was in response to President Obama’s March 7, 2015 charge to the youth and young adults of Selma. It was also a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., since it was the 52nd Anniversary of his I Had a Dream speech.

“While this speech was about Selma, it was equally about America as a whole,” Martin says. “We have achieved so much as a nation, but yet we still remain socially, racially, and politically divided. My campaign for Mayor of Selma is about setting aside our differences as a country and taking up our similarities to build a stronger Selma and a stronger America. But to do this, it is going to require the financial support of those who believe in revitalizing Selma.”

Selma has been struggling for many years to survive because so many jobs have left the town, young people are moving away, and the poverty rate continues to raise eyebrows. In fact, nearly thirty-six percent of Selma’s residents, including sixty percent of children, are presently in poverty. Martin is addressing these issues with a fresh voice, fresh leadership, and a unique perspective that will be a model to follow for other cities across the nation.

Martin says, “Now is our time. It is time for young leaders to step up and to lead. I’m leading the charge by working with people in Selma and to change it from the inside out. But we need other young leaders across this nation, democratic, republican, or independent, to stand up and take back their cities, their state capitols, and Washington, D.C. from those that hinder progress and positive change.”

To learn more about Jerria Martin and her historic campaign for Mayor of Selma, visit

Additionally, consider supporting the Martin for Mayor movement to shake a city in order to move a nation by donating $5, $10, or $20. The campaign’s initial goal is to raise $30,000, but needs much more to ensure victory. History may be funded on her website or at

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