Kentucky Man Seeks Experimental Treatment to Restore Vision

LOUISVILLE, KY – Oct 05, 2015 – The month of October does not elicit memories of Halloween fun and games for Reece O’BryanIn fact, October is the month Reese almost lost his life in a freak accident two years ago.

“On Halloween night of 2013, it was storming really bad and I was driving and approaching a hill about half a mile from my house. I didn’t have time to stop for a dead tree that had fallen in the road. Even though a passerby had warned the landowner that it needed to be moved, she did not move it and I became the first casualty,” says Reece. “Then, without warning, a tree branch hit the top of my car, broke off and went directly into the left side of my face.”

After ending up at the University of Louisville Hospital, doctors determined that the branch came 1/16th of an inch from severing the main artery leading to Reece’s brain. Doctors also found that the branch was 4 inches in the left side of Reece’s face, destroying his left eye. Subsequently, it was left there for three days while a range of experts consulted to create a treatment plan.

“Everyone thought I was going to die. There was a less than 1% chance I would recover. But when life pushes me, I always decide to push back harder. So, this is what I did and I am thankful to be able to live and talk about it,” he says.

Even though Reece’s prognosis was bleak, he managed to recover from his injuries but not without lifelong reminders of that fateful night. He has lost all vision in his right eye, including no light perception, and has lost 60% of his senses. However, Reece still maintains an upbeat and positive attitude about life. He believes that even in the darkness, there is light.

Recently, after numerous visits to a specialist, he has learned there is an opportunity to regain some of his vision his right eye. This would be a cutting edge treatment, but it will only be experimental. This treatment, performed by Dr. Steven Levvy, will cost $20,000 dollars since it is experimental. The worst part is that insurance will not cover the procedure.

Reece says, “I really wish insurance would cover it, but they won’t. I miraculously survived the accident, so I am also hoping I can miraculously receive the money to help restore my vision in my right eye.”

To learn more about Reece O’Bryan and to read his complete story, please visit To help Reece receive the vision treatment that may lead to a restoration of his sight, visit and donate to this cause. You can also contact him by e-mail at:

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