Fulcrum Self Directed Gives Small Investors a Vast Array of Investment Options

Individuals and small business owners can have checkbook access and complete control over their retirement funds.

PHOENIX, AZ – Oct 05, 2015 – Fulcrum Self Directed is officially launching a new website and making self directed retirement options available to a broad market of individuals and small businesses. The main benefit to clients is full control over the investment of retirement funds including checkbook access to make investments quickly and easily.

Retirement accounts that are eligible for self direction include:

• IRAs
• Roth IRAs
• 401Ks (including solo 401Ks)
• Roth 401Ks
• plus several other less common accounts

Fulcrum Self Directed can work with anyone interested in self direction but we primarily serve small business owners, start up founders, and real estate investors. Self direction is a great way to truly diversify a retirement portfolio, away from standard Wall Street products and toward investments where our clients have specific expertise.

Self direction allows for a more hands-on approach to retirement planning and Fulcrum Self Directed facilitates your transition to this type of investing. 

About Fulcrum Self Directed: 

Fulcrum Self Directed (www.fulcrumselfdirected.com) is a national provider of retirement services for individuals and companies seeking greater control and flexibility in their financial planning. We offer set up and maintenance of self directed IRA, solo 401K and a variety of other self directed retirement plans. 

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