Quick Stitch Sewing Kit – Not Just For A Quick Fix

The Quick Stitch Portable Sewing Kit was recently voted as the best portable sewing kit and is quickly climbing up the Bestsellers rank on Amazon.

Oct 05, 2015 – If you have not yet encountered a lost button, an uexpected rip or tear in your clothes, or an unraveled hem – your turn is coming.  An how many of us really know how to create a sewing project by hand?  Recently, a Rosie, a sewing blogger, confessed that, “I didn’t realize how much hand sewing is still needed even when sewing by machine.  I’m shocked!  I thought sewing machines were revolutionary inventions that allowed you to knock up frock in a couple of hours.  I didn’t realize that I would be required to finish my creations off by hand.”

Learning how to do a few kinds of hand  stitches is very useful in our everyday life.

Here are five common hand stitches that everyone should learn:

Slip Stitch – An invisible Hemming Stitch

Overcast Stitch – Used to finish off a raw edge to prevent fraying

Whipstitch – Nice short diagonal stitch for hemming garments.

Catch Stitch – Another invisible hem stitch.  It is unique because it gives some elasticity or give.

Backstitch – formed by sewing backstitches for extra strength

Running Stitch or Basting Stitch – Normally temporarily attaché on fabric to another. Securing something temporarily.  Can be used as a gathering stitch link on hem.

Most of us have some kind of sewing tools scattered in different corners around the house for those quick fixes and emergencies.   But the Quick Stitch Sewing Kit the perfect solution. Since its release earlier this year, this mini  Sewing Kit has made an unprecedented name for itself online.

With over 500 positive customer reviews on Amazon, the product is quickly climbing the Arts and Crafts charts. To purchase or learn more about the Quick Stitch Portable Sewing Kit, visit the product directly on Amazon at www.amazon.com/dp/B00SM0KXDE or http://learninghowto.info/sewing-by-hand/  where you can also watch videos on how to sew by hand.

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