Holistic Approach to Addiction

Unlike other methods, the holistic approach focuses on an individual as a whole.
A holistic approach is a form of drug addiction treatment that focuses on all the aspects of a person’s life.

Unlike other methods, the holistic approach focuses on an individual as a whole.  A holistic approach not only treats the body, but also treats the mind and the soul.

Holistic treatment to addiction does not employ the use of medication and other physical methods for the removal of toxins from the physiological system of the addict or in dealing with withdrawal symptoms as result of detox treatment.

A holistic approach employs a variety of methods in the treatment of drug addictions and related problems. The methods are to assist the drug addicts in undergoing the recovery process successfully. These methods include:


Meditation involves deep thinking and concentration. It helps an individual recovering from addiction induce a consciousness mode that provokes inner self evaluation. This method is useful in dealing with stressful situations, tension and anxiousness. The method helps an individual to relax and clear the mind. It also reduces the chances of a relapse.


Prayer helps individuals submit their bodies, thoughts and spirits to a Supreme Being. It deepens a person’s spiritual awareness and their relations with a higher power. Among other things, prayer helps an individual deal with stress, curb powerless feelings and enhance optimism.


Relating positively with others helps individuals to revive their inner self or spiritual being. Activities like taking participation in group discussions and worshipping are but a few of the ways that can assist in raising a sense of self-worth.


Physical exercises help improve the physical health of the recovering addict. Taking fitness lessons often leads to relaxation, improved self-esteem and deep self-awareness. A healthy body equals a strong, healthy mind and spirit.

Engaging in community service

Recovering individuals can render their time, energy and physical resources, if any, in service of others in the society who are needier or experiencing worse circumstances. This helps create a sense of responsibility and usefulness.

Open mindedness

This holistic approach method encourages recovering individuals to try to learn new things in life and accommodate new ideas. This helps in their recovery.


Yoga activities that include stretching, controlled breathing, controlled relaxing activities and meditating help an individual recovering from addiction deal with stress and stressful situations, induce calmness of the mind and improve concentration.

Herbal therapy

Involves use of naturally appearing botanical compounds that affect the human physiology in an effort to treat drug addiction. Herbs like milk thistle help improve the functioning of the liver.

A holistic approach largely concerns itself with helping recovering addicts to rediscover their sense of being, to regain their personal balance and embrace sobriety.

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