Shae Brock Breaks the Internet: The New Taylor Swift

Shae Brock, a new online discovery, has released her new music video “If I Ever” on October 1st, creating a buzz on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Shae Brock was recruited by The Artist Refinery, an innovative US-based music production company. “If I Ever” is Shae Brock’s first music video, and a successor to her single. The Artist Refinery was responsible for the release of the single, which was produced by The Artist Refinery’s very own, award-winning producer and writer Fred “Blaze” Crawford.

Her release of “If I Ever” is already turning heads and raising questions. Many music blogs and websites acclaim that the artist has skipped her beginner stages, immediately opening her path towards a professional artist. This feat has been accredited to The Artist Refinery. The Artist Refinery heavily focuses on artist development, including stage presence, interview prep, voice and choreography lessons, lyrical composition, management and consultation, music and video production, and publishing.

According to The Artist Refinery, Shae Brock was recruited by the agency for her talents and personality. At the young age of six, Shae Brock had already begun cultivating her skills as an artist. Today, she is under the supervision of Fred “Blaze” Crawford, and has been fine-tuning her writing, singing, performing, guitar and piano artistry with the agency.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Shae Brock disclosed that “If I Ever” was inspired by her imagination and is dedicated to those who have had interactions, which have left them petrified, tongue tied and speechless, gawking at that handsome human. The company revealed that they believe the success of “If I Ever” is a result of their philosophy, which is heavily linked to artist development.

The Artist Refinery utilized the latest development in technology and online media. As seen on Twitter, Shae Brock’s single was pushed and promoted on social media networks, making her the most recent success story of an artist who found fame with the help of social media.

About The Artist Refinery

The Artist Refinery is a full service music production company that serves as a one-stop shop for artist development, songwriting, production, artist management, consulting and music publishing. Award-winning producer Fred “Blaze” Crawford leads The Artist Refinery team with over a decade of experience in working with multi-platinum chart-toppers and talented newcomers alike. With a full roster of extremely talented writers and producers, they pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any musical need within any genre.


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