Spartanburg, South Carolina Businessman, Jack Robinson, Jr. announces his candidacy for PRESIDENT as a third-party independent candidate

On September 29, 2015, Spartanburg, South Carolina Businessman, Jack Robinson, Jr. announced that he will be running for 2016 Presidential candidate, will be entering the field on the third party as an independent candidate. With the declaration of his presidential bid, he also unveiled his program that will seek to end the troubles of the country through a “Unification of America” plan. Robinson made the announcement at the CHAPMAN CULTURAL ARTS CENTER, in front of a live audience on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2015. In his speech he elaborated how a Robinson Presidency will be characterized by ending poverty, providing universal healthcare, equalizing income and opportunity disparity and ending world hunger.

Robinson began his speech by highlight some of the most pressing problems America is facing today, he said: “We have become a divided country and we must change the course of our nation. Our debt is a 100% of our gross domestic product congressional budget office says that we have 10 years to turn our economy around before our debt is irreversible. Our two basic political philosophies have us either taking from one group and giving to another or pulling our own boot straps, the moderate simply says a little of both. None of these represent the American way.”

Robinson’s Unification of America plan will counter these problems which he believes is the best ideas of all of our political parties are proposing, the plan will be largely economic and will successfully harness all of America’s ideals, resources, institutions, political parties, wealth classes, races, businesses and individuals to ensure a unified nation working harmoniously towards the collective interest of the country and its people.

The 2016 US Presidential Elections will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election when the country makes a historic decision that will serve a pivotal point in the history and the future of United States of America and the entire world. Most people are seeing the upcoming elections as an opportunity for the nation’s population to elect a much needed strong and capable leadership that can guide US through the challenges it currently faces and steer the nation towards a more promising future.

The proposed “Trickle Up” economics solution, a part of Robinson’s plan will cost shift many aspects of government dependence and societal improvements away from government and over to the private sector and the forces of free enterprise. He believes that being a third party candidate will provide him various strategic benefits such as providing a better position to act as moderator and to break the current impasse between political parties.


Robinson is a business owner, a family man, served on his college’s student government, and has patents and trademarks on different products. He is innovative, caring, strong, and will lead America well with grace and direction.

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