Runsom Reaffirms Focus on Precision With Its New CNC Machining Standards

Industries dependant on CNC machining weigh precision in machinery very highly while selecting products. Runsom Precision promises precision in CNC machining for all their products across industries.

Runsom Precision, based out of Shenzhen, China is a manufacturer of industrial machinery serviceable for diverse industries. With their new line of product, the company has reaffirmed customers of their commitment to precision in engineered parts. Runsom Precision has claimed they can now achieve holes as precise of 0.005mm and precise axes of 0.005mm. The company also promises to achieve center distances of 0.01mm. The company’s recent affirmation about the figures concerning the CNC machining parts has come pre-empting the future needs for further precision in CNC and precision engineering. Among other attributes that the company claims to have made progress in, include fast delivery, quality, custom machining and multiple machining.

In a bid to provide better services to offshore clients, Runsom Precision has also announced to ship products within 48 hours to every part of the world. In effect, all CNC milling and machining parts available with the company can be availed within 48 hours. The company co-owners have said that they will leverage their business partnerships with several shipping agencies to guarantee the 2-day shipping policy. A senior executive of the company has said that the facility will be made available on all products starting with CNC truning parts.

Runsom precision has also claimed to have stepped up on factors like custom machining and multiple machining. But the main take-away for most of the clients is the new delivery policy of the company. A co-founder at Runsom Precision gave the media insight into how the company has made the relatively tall claim. He said: “While we had just one shipping partner for CNC milling parts in the past, we have now partnered with several shipping companies in precedence to offering deliveries in 48 hour.”

The company insider also divulged information about company’s resolve to serve diverse industries. He said: “We have always wanted to create great CNC machined products for various industries. To give better shape to our resolve, we are now dividing focus among major factors like quality engineering, precision, multiple machining and custom machining.”

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Runsom Precsion is a major CNC and precision machining company in the Asia-Pacific. Based out of China, the company is now stepping up on various attributes like precision in engineering.

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