Advanced Travel Site Capabilities with StreetViewMaps.City


Los Angeles, CA – 06 OCTOBER, 2015 – StreetViewMaps.City and developer Jason T. Shortes are pleased to announce the launch of a new website which combines WordPress and GoogleAPI technology to offer comprehensive access to information about the businesses in 1.3 million cities around the globe. The database incorporates establishments which are recognized in the Google Place Types API. These city geographical locations are then described in a sophisticated level of detail.

The user will find the website easy to access and use. A city name is entered into the search panel. For additional details, the map can be expanded in order to see businesses, establishments and points of interest icons. Travelers who need information about banks, food establishments, car rentals, medical facilities, fuel stations, lodging, places of worship, and other locations can click on the icons individually or all related locations.

Clicking on specific locations brings up images of the street view, along with additional photos, such as choice menu items for restaurants. Addresses, telephone numbers, and user reviews to describe service help the traveler to learn more about the community and specific establishments. Click and drag the map to digitally visit nearby locations. Alternatively, a specific address can be entered to drill down on location information. Walking and driving directions are part of the intuitive design. 

The combination of WordPress, an alternative personal publishing software and Google Place Types APIs provides users of with an easy interactive approach to a global exploration of cities. WordPress currently is used on nearly a quarter of websites and Google’s APIs allow third-party developers to access Google Services and enhance functionality. The website can be used from a desktop, iPad, notebook, tablet, or mobile unit.


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