The Google Local Update 7 Pack now 3 Pack Stops Calls!

With your business at the top, don’t risk becoming complacent and for your competition is fighting even harder to snatch the top spot from you.
Is the new Google update stopping calls from clients?

If you have carried out a Google search for a chiropractic practitioner recently, you might have determined that the list of local chiropractors shown in the results has become increasingly smaller.

The previous listing known as 7 Pack, has been replaced by a 3 Pack. This means that if your business is not among the top three listings on the Google home page, the listing has been moved to the second page explaining why you are not receiving any calls from the new clients.

How does the change affect your business or profession

As expected, the contraction of the previous 7 pack to a 3 pack means that businesses will have to compete more fiercely to grab the top spots on the list. The three local businesses list has also been redesigned to fit more with the mobile user interface with the top businesses becoming highly visible hence gaining more customers.

With your business at the top, don’t risk becoming complacent and for your competition is fighting even harder to snatch the top spot from you.

How to get a spot in 3 pack

It is unfortunate that the highly desired spots are dependent on Google algorithm, ranking that is continuously changing and a Google update that evokes very high level competition among businesses.

Nevertheless, there are ways that one can undertake to enhance their possibility of getting indexed in the 3 pack Google update. These steps include:

  Optimizing business’ Google Page as much as possible. To have a competitive edge over your competition, ensure you provide all the information- requested or required, provide pictures labeled using targeted keyword, provide video clips, hourly time, and include a keyword for the bio target.

 • Encouraging clients to give ratings and reviews for the business on Google. Although reviews are just but one of the many factors considered by Google when ranking businesses, such reviews are a major influence on the decision of which businesses will feature in the 3 pack. It is prudent to put a system in place that automatically posts the good mails sent to you by satisfied clients on Google and respond to poor reviews sent by unhappy customers. Automation eliminates the chances of backlash that could occur in case you are using a manual process.

  Realizing the importance of business directory and citations. Create citations on sites like Bing, Yahoo, among others providing exact information as provided in the Google Business Page. This has a major influence on the indexing of your Business Page by Google along with improving credibility and authenticity of your business by continuously adding business listings to these sites and ensuring you put the exact same information. The number of followers on these sites exposes your business to new clients who can improve the performance of your company.

Are you experiencing any trouble getting into the top three business list (3 pack)

If you are having any difficulties in lifting your business to the top, we have developed an efficient solution which is designed to strengthen your business in order to capture the highly coveted spots. The solution includes professional optimization of business’ Google Page, automated email review system for capturing favorable reviews and making your business seem more attractive to the clients and search engines. The system has a video that offers apology to dissatisfied clients and those who provide poor reviews. These bad reviews are forwarded to the business so as to generate a solution to the problem.

Finally, for a restricted time period, we are offering free Yext to those subscribing for Google Local Masterly. This will immediately develop business listings with perfect alignment and optimization on the best sixty sites for citation. For effective maximization of your business strategy, we are going to provide you with zero pay market research and findings, and consultation services.

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