M4vgear Becomes a Market Leader in Conversion of TV Shows & Videos

The entertainment industry has yet again become dominant in terms of how many people listen to music or watch movies. With the option to download music and video files from iTunes, it has become easier to access the music videos and movies in general. However, some devices might not support some file formats. This will, therefore, require conversion to a format that can be read by your device.

This is where M4VGear comes in. It can remove DRM protection from any iTunes movie or video and convert it to an MP4 format. Being a music fanatic, you will want to get the latest TV shows from iTunes store. With your device not being able to read the original format, it can be difficult to enjoy the music and sounds. M4VGear is what you need to convert that file so that you can access the content. Remember that during conversion, you want to maintain the quality of the video or movie.

Reservation of audio track and subtitles

During the conversion process, subtitles and audio tracks can get lost. M4VGear ensures that this does not happen.  Most tools used to convert video and music file formats will result to losing of the above. You will not be able to enjoy a video which has lost some of its audio tracks and subtitles. With M4VGear, the quality of your file will be maintained. The entertainment scene is diverse as there are many genres of music, and every movie made is unique. This makes it necessary for the conversion tool to reserve the audio tracks for the purpose of clarity.

With iTunes leading the video market in terms of sales and downloads, it is obvious that you can download the latest tracks in iTunes. However, the question of quality will be up to you in case you want to change the format of the download files. You need a conversion tool that will not only give you the right format but also reserve the quality of the video or movie. Conversion takes effect depending on what format is compatible with your device. If you want to convert to MP4, then you can use M4VGear to achieve this. It is loss free during the conversion process as you get to reserve the original quality of the video.

Conversion only for authorized videos and movies

Authorization is a new thing to most video converters. However, with M4VGear, you can only convert videos and TV shows that are authorized. If you want to test if a video is authorized, you can first authorize your PC using your Apple ID.  From there, you can try downloading free videos from iTunes store and convert them. Authorized video files are not only safe to download but also they are of high quality. If you desire to have a great time watching your video or music audio file, then you have to choose authorized files. iTunes store has authorized videos and TV shows for those who want to download.

If you download an unauthorized video, then you cannot use M4VGear to convert it. This means that you will not be able to access the contents of the video or music file. The quality of the file you have converted does not have to reduce. M4VGear is known to offer quality conversions for any type of file. When you download a video or TV show from iTunes, you can convert it easily to the format you desire and still maintain the original quality.

Conversion of DRM purchased and rental iTunes videos

M4VGear is not your ordinary video converter. Most video converters will not be able to remove the DRM protection during the conversion process. This means that they cannot convert any video that is DRM purchased. Luckily, with M4VGear, you can enjoy flexible conversion as it has the ability to remove DRM from videos and TV shows during conversion. iTunes being a leader in the market in terms of video purchase and rental, more people need a reliable video converter so that they can enjoy the videos they download.

Statistics show that more than 50% of people who rent or purchase videos in iTunes will also buy a video converter for use in the conversion of the downloads they have purchased. This means that the need for video converters for music and video lovers is on high demand. M4VGear is your ideal and yet reliable video converter as it has all the features to ensure that the output maintains the original quality.

Quality conversion capabilities

There are other DRM video removal applications that can afford to convert your video. However, there is none like M4VGear that can both convert and still reserve the audio tracks and subtitles. The need for flexibility in video conversion is not only a necessity but also a requirement as more video lovers desire to convert videos to formats compatible with their devices. M4VGear even has the Mac version of the video converter which means that video lovers who use Mac on their devices can still use this conversion tool.

It is with the need for better and more reliable video converters that most people will settle for M4VGear. It incorporates all aspects and technicalities of video conversion which include DRM removal, conversion of authorized video files and the fact that it can reserve subtitles and audio tracks. These features you will not find in other video converters. If they can remove DRM to enable conversion, they will probably lose some audio tracks and subtitles in the process.

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