The “Online Crowd Court” aims to make dispute resolving fair and transparent

Resolving a dispute may involve undue advantages taken by corrupt people which often don’t result in fair decisions. Considering the same The “the Online Crowd court” has been created in which the two parties involved in the dispute will submit their videos, evidence after which a crowd judgement will be made.

This platform aims to ensure a far more fair and transparent hearing of disputes. The platform is automated thus eradicating the shortcomings of a manual system in the gathering or collecting of the information required for the system to remain useful to those with disputed and those wanting to participate as a CROWD JUROR/JUDGE. The developing team has also started a crowd funding campaign on with a goal of $68,000 for successfully establishing the platform.


The team will first build a ‘free fun version’ where two parties will enter an agreed upon amount. The winning party will be awarded with all the funds except the requested perks such as help from a participating attorney, judge or other consultant.  There will be buttons to select alerting all parties how you intend to present your claim to the crowd.  Which will include (but not limited to)  a Pro Se button and button where your requesting additional help from a judge, an attorneys, a consultant and others sources.  Note, when selecting button that state you are receiving help, you’ll have to pay additional funds to those that help.  A Set or Variable cost will be discussed as being set by the program of by the participating parties.  The platform will serve as a true and transparent online court of public opinion and help save all the cost involved in resolving a dispute by simply dealing simply with how the CROWD feels about the FACTS and EVIDENCE.  Not bypassing legalities simply putting back where it belongs, with the people.

The disputes can be presented in front of the public through a video presentation and the crowd will pass judgement on each case. In some cases, the crowd can also be paid money or offered rewards for their participation in resolving the online disputes.


Building such a platform surely requires quite an investment and your support. The money raised from the campaign will be utilized in hiring freelancers, proof readers and building the platform as a whole. Online crowd court team is great at writing CODE and can build GREAT PRODUCTS or SERVICES but the external look and appeal matters to the public. Most of the amount will also be used in purchasing the ‘rights’ to the underlying programming codes of the site. The campaign also offers rewards to the backers in terms of free limited usage of the platform.  More details on perks shall be provided later.

The aim of this platform is to take Crowd involvement to another level and show the power public holds in their hands.

Media Contact
Company Name: uQQn HOLDINGS
Contact Person: Ivanna, Chancz, Mhann Hanson (Senior Developers)
Country: United States