Excessive ads on a website is no more a problem with the new app “Ad control”

The continuously popping advertisements which keep redirecting to other tabs and hiding the actual content surely annoy the user very much and hamper their overall experience on the website.

Considering the same problem, the newly launched application “Ad control” has been created which may help to reduce the number of ads on a website. The developers have also considered the fact that all websites survive on ads and earn revenue from it, so the website gives an option to the user to block all the ads or chose only one ad per web page. This will be in the interest of both users and the website owners.

If the user goes for the “No ads” option, the app will block the ad providers from sending them advertisements and also empty the containers using the CSS techniques. The advantages of this option are that web page will load faster, data will be saved, and browsing will be more battery efficient and convenient. If the user choses to go for “1 Ad” option, the app will hide all the ads except one which is decided considering the most visible ad within the page and that it shouldn’t interfere with browsing experience of the user.

Surely the team will have to clean up the websites manually for now but they are working on a semi automated tool called “The Lab” which allows to create and get ad blocking suggestions for the websites. Until then, the website will have to be loaded on 4”, Retina 4.7”, Retina 5.5” devices and also on iPad because most of them have different layouts for each screen resolution and to start checking for ads. Not to mention, the Safari extension feature of the app allows the user to report about any websites that are still showing ads.

Artur Grigor and his team has developed the Ad control app to make the user’s browsing experience smoother and faster while considering the interests of the website owners too and that is why he has also made the database open to the public so that everyone can experience the same thing despite of which app they are using.

Download the app on iTunes.

Find more information at the Blog.


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