Leveraging Facebook on A Business Website

Some business owners and managers may feel crunched for time, and resist social networking as a drain on their already stretched resources.
There’s a myth afoot that Facebook isn’t a good place to market your company.

Some people see Facebook as purely a personal use social network, and cite the number of young people who are leaving the Facebook platform as a cause to avoid using Facebook to market a company. However, Facebook is still one of the most used social networks, and crosses demographics easily. For some companies, the opportunity to take advantage of that kind of marketing presence is a potential win. When assisted with the right tools and professional services, Facebook can be a real business driver.

Some business owners and managers may feel crunched for time, and resist social networking as a drain on their already stretched resources. However, the opportunity for very low cost marketing is significant and appealing to most businesses. In order to harness the social networking marketing craze, a company doesn’t need to add staff or invest in a high dollar marketing firm. The tools and professional services offered by eBrandit will help a company turn their Facebook presence into a dynamic, Responsive website that pulls in all the search engines.

Every post to a company’s Facebook page can become fresh content for the search engines, allowing a brand to soar quickly to the top of the search pile. Making sure that the audience focus is correct, that the theme looks appealing and constantly fresh, and that the company’s page is tuned for the mobile devices Google requires is actually easy with the eBranditSync (eSync) platform. Designed for business owners who are not technically confident, the eSync software lets the average person become a talented search engine professional with just a few clicks. The business’s Facebook page will not only be mobilized, as Google’s algorithm change in April, 2015 requires, but it will be manageable through eBrandit’s On-site Optimization framework.

eBrandit’s On-site Optimization software platform was designed to make it easy for a company to become a serious web presence, without extraordinary investment or a staff of in-house search engine talent. An easy to use, intuitive web site allows the business owner who knows their brand best to make posts that are destined to show up on search engine results. This is the kind of fresh content that search engines like Google are thrilled to find, and cause a company to rise in the search results. A company’s Facebook page can become the best of their web presence, with little investment and no technical training, when that business partners with eBrandit.

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