Brett Lechtenberg Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with Anti-Cyber Bully Book

Brett Lechtenberg of Sandy, Utah brings another best-selling book to the marketplace with The Anti-Cyber Bully Program.

Brett Lechtenberg, the author of the The Anti-Bully Program series, has topped charts again with the second installment, The Anti-Cyber Bully Program.

The first installment, which hit #1 on charts in February, is followed up with this volume, designed to bring awareness and practical tactics for parents dealing with cyberbullying.

Lechtenberg, the owner of Personal Mastery Martial Arts, has taught children and adults for over twenty years.  His experience working with thousands of students has led him to bringing this program to the public.

“Bullying is a big problem. Because so much attention has been focused on the situation you now have people speaking up about the program who never did before because they see it as okay to speak up.”

Today, however, the nature of bullying has changed with widespread use of social media.  Lechtenberg’s programs are designed to continually evolve as technology and the face of bullying changes.

Topics of discussion include “What is Cyber Bullying?” “Warning Signs That Your Child is Being Cyber Bullied,” and “How to Properly Report a Cyber Bully”.

Lechtenberg was also a contributor to BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid, another series dedicated to preventing bullying.

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