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LOS ANGELES – October 7, 2015 – MMP (USA) announces a Worldwide Business with kathy ireland exclusive interview with Beurer Medical, a home health care company that really is what they claim to be in the market.

The company, Beurer Medical has been a leader in the home health care field for over a century. During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed Marco Buhler, the Managing Director.

Buhler stated, “Some of the emerging trends in the industry are measuring more and more body signals and secondly I think they are starting to connect these signals with the help of IT, like Smartphone apps. Our company has started address these trends by launching a Smartphone app called the Health Manager. It connects all of our devices like blood pressure monitors, scales, and activity sensors together in one piece of software.”

They developed this app because almost everyone has a Smartphone today. It is easily accessible and it makes using their products even easier. As people grow older, they tend to become more health conscious and the company not only provides the app to help them keep track of it but also all of the devices needed to monitor health issues and to improve their health status. The Smartphone app is a tool that can store data and connect the devices for analysis.

The company also sells well being items such as massagers and beauty items like facial brushes.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland, was quoted stating, “In a world that is surrounded and revolves around technology, Beurer Medical has provided a way to really monitor health and improve the quality of life of its users.”

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