BCD Wings and Side Mount BCDs for Technical Scuba Diving

“Donut BCD wings and sidemount BCDs are developed for technical scuba diving, high quality bcds are made by 1680D nylon non-fade outer bag, 420D bladder material, YKK zipper included. and complete sets with 316 stainless steel back plates and d-rings, also”
BCD wings have become popular amongst more active divers who tend to have a deep appreciation for this equipment and never fail to recommend it to any diver who is looking for new equipment. sidemount bcd mounted tanks alongside the diver, or below the shoulders, or along the hips. Using double cylinders or sidemounts for diving originates from the world of tech diving, in order to give yourself the best opportunity to penetrate these caves you need to take up as little room as possible.

The buoyancy compensator device is safety equipment that is needed for scuba divers. The device is a kind of vest that has an air bladder which can be inflated & deflated by the diver according to the kind of buoyancy needed. Originally, buoyancy compensators were designed as life jackets for divers so that they could float face-up on the surface of the water, and bcd wings and sidemount bcds are developed for technical diving.

The advancement of the current buoyancy compensators has combined the function of correct buoyancy with multi-functional systems that perform several different things. Also, the present buoyancy compensators have a broad range of accessories that need help from suppliers who have experience.

Swift Manufacturing Ltd will help you to choose the correct BCD wings, sidemount BCDs and accessories. Also, they can assist you with the information on the many add-ons, attachments, and other features.

During diving, your scuba BCDs varies with your deepness & the amount of compressed gas in the tanks(s). In order to keep from persistently trying to maintain your depth level, the scuba BCD or buoyancy compensator keeps you at depth level automatically. As you are diving, there is the control to maintain your depth level throughout the BCD by just deflating or inflating the air bladder that is on the device. Because the main function of buoyancy compensator is to give lift, the air that the bladder can hold depends on the bladder size. Bladders actually come in extra-large and extra-small sizes. Extra-large size bladders can lift more than 70 pounds, and extra-small size bladders can lift just 15 to 20 pounds. Know that BCD wing style jacket buoyancy compensators offer more lift compared to back mount BCDs.

Apart from buoyancy control, the broad range of BCDs also affects underwater mobility, floating behavior, and your ability to carry things. BCD wings also referred to as back mount buoyancy compensators have BCD bladders which are positioned on the back & right and left sides of the air tank. This kind of buoyancy compensator is well-liked by technical divers and underwater photographers since it leaves the waist and chest clear. The back mounts are stable & offer both power and oral inflation. Also, they have pockets that you can fill with different amounts of weight.

BCD wings are well-liked by active divers who tend to have deep enjoyment of this equipment and they always recommend it to all divers who are searching for new equipment. Whether you are female or male, regardless of the shape or size of your body, wetsuit or dry suit diver, cold or warm water diver, you will really enjoy this equipment.

Sidemount BCDs also referred to as sidemount diving buoyancy compensators were initially used in cave diving. This is because the air tank is placed on the side of the diver instead of the back. All valves, hoses, and regulators are positioned in visual nearness to the diver, and they are accessible anytime. Therefore, it is easier for divers to regulate buoyancy in water. Air bladders are placed on every side of diver as wings that are alike to the diving wings.

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