Stock Trading And Risk Can Now Be Managed

“Risk Management is vital to Trading Success AND Position Sizing is the missing key to successful Risk Management.”

JBL Risk Manager is an award winning and, highly respected stock trading software, helping traders to have success and achieve trading objectives. JBL Risk Manager provides all the updates and information for traders to gain profitable results even in the most treacherous market conditions. It includes stock market price data updates for all the significant markets throughout the world.

Everyone has the objective to become a better trader. Stock trading is something that you can generate a great deal of money, however, getting rid of small negative trading patterns is almost generally overlooked even though it is the most essential step towards trading success. By means of JBL Risk Manager you can determine those areas effortlessly and successful traders understand or know that it is those little adjustments that help them move forward.

If you have invested any amount of time or money trying to find some helpful trading resource, you have probably found that many of them are just ineffective, extremely expensive and too complicated. A great number of traders don’t even think stock trading is a profession that is simply like any other occupation that requires the correct knowledge and expertise.

Every successful Trader and Investor knows the significance of a proven trading plan or system and understands it takes both entry and exit rules and the discipline to follow them. To survive it’s more essential to have and adhere to a sound, easy to understand, Money Risk Management plan. JBL Risk Manager is user-friendly software that will immediately calculate your trade size, provides you Automatic Trade and Position Sizing, suggested Initial Stop and Trailing Stop exit price calculations, Stock Split Adjustment and a lot more.

“I have been using JBL Risk Manager (RM) for quite some time and recently updated to the new version. I would not buy a stock without entering the purchase specifics into JBL RM first. It is very helpful money management and is the best position sizing trade journal available today. I maintain all sale specifics for each of my trades in each of my portfolios using JBL RM.” by G Bethke, Stock Trader, NSW

Moreover, JBL Risk Manager enables an investor to establish their portfolio in advance and maintain a consistent exit strategy for superior risk management.

About Author

Author is a novice trader and started using JBL Risk Manager several months ago and is now thrilled with its ease of use and the impressive simplicity it gives when ready to buying or selling shares. With the assistance of this innovative software I can now manage my trading risk, calculate correct position size and monitor performance very easily, on auto pilot.

Desk of JBL Risk Manager

Position Sizing aka Money Management is your first line of defence against catastrophic loss!

It is regarded by successful traders to be one of the most important components of any Trading Plan.

When you combine intelligent Position Sizing with effective Risk Management you are planning for your long term trading and/or investment success!

“Risk Management is vital to Trading Success AND Position Sizing is the missing key to successful Risk Management.”

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