Acclaimed Artist Silvia Gentili’s “Aftermath” Project Documents the Experiences of WWII Survivors from Around the Globe

The works of the greatest artistic masterpieces almost always involve a human element which inspires the artist and elevates the piece to greatness.  The “Aftermath” project by the promising young Italian artist Silvia Gentili is like so many other great artistic masterworks in that it seeks to humanize a terrible shared experience–war. Gentili is currently engaged in interviewing survivors of World War II in England, Japan, Italy and Germany in order to preserve these important stories of survival.

Silvia Gentili has earned international acclaim for her many intriguing and captivating photo exhibits.  She has displayed her works in some of the world’s finest art galleries including the Festival Theatroom in Paris, New Atlantic Gallery in New York, and the Invisible Line Gallery in London. Silvia’s Gentili signature photos of herself are marking her as one of the art world’s most beloved rising stars.

Her latest project will showcase photos and videos of Silvia’s interviews with WWII survivors for her Master of Fine Art’s in Photography degree at the London College of Communication.  This important historical and artistic piece will include a video installation and an exhibit of photographs of the subjects.  A project of this scope is not typically achieved without help from financial sponsors, so Silvia Gentili has begun a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  With your help, Silvia will utilize the £3,500 raised to hire interpreters and defray travel costs.  In return for your generous contributions, you will receive a number of rewards including postcards, posters, and signed prints.  To learn more about Silvia Gentili or her “Aftermath” project, or to make financial contribution, please visit–6

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