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Decorative candles provide warmth and beauty, but they also have a dangerous side as well which is why flameless candles with timer products have grown in popularity. There is an increased risk of fire when candles are used in the home. A candle may look and smell fabulous, but a flickering flame can accidentally lead to a fire hazard.

According to a December 2013 by the National Fire Protection Association entitled “Home Candle Fires,” about 10,630 home fires are started each year due to candles. This equates to about 29 fires each day. Contrary to belief, the kitchen is not the only room in the house where fires start. As a matter of fact, over a third of candle fires begin in the bedroom via bedding and mattresses.

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These fires began due to other reasons as well. A candle should never be left attended. Also, it should not be put too close to other items such as walls, furniture or curtains. They must only be secured in containers that are non-combustible, such as glass.

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These are just a few of the rules that you must follow if you choose to safely bask in the glow of candlelight. But there is an alternative, and it involves using a flameless LED candle. There are many different benefits of selecting flameless LED candles instead of candles with real flames.

Safe and Flameless

The main difference and benefit is that they are flameless. You don’t have to worry about accidentally starting a fire. There is no need to follow a large list of safety rules such as those that are required for candles with open flames. Flameless led candles are safe, which means that you will have peace of mind knowing that your child or pet can’t accidentally knock them over and cause a fire. Also, you don’t have to worry about putting them too close to other items that can catch on fire.

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Clean Affordability

Candles with real flames burn down and can’t be reused. The wax gets hard, dry and shapeless. They lose their beauty eventually. In addition, everything is covered in wax, and this can be quite frustrating to clean. However, with a flameless candle there is no more having to worry about wax getting on your furniture, cabinets or flooring. Flameless candles are convenient and easy to maintain. Purchase a flameless candle once and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Flameless candles are much better than regular candles in many ways. They are a lot safer, cleaner and affordable in the long run. Candles are designed to provide beauty and relaxation, and flameless candles do this without the need for an open flame.

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