Richard Leger Can Be Trusted When It Comes to Knowing About Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is a different kind of home loan that eliminates the homeowner’s monthly payments.
Richard Leger of Orange County, CA specializes in reverse mortgages for senior citizens.

Seniors can come to him for discount reverse mortgages because he is trustworthy and knows his business. Working for Aegean Financial for over two years as a reverse mortgage specialist, he has helped countless seniors comfortably stay in their homes. The mortgage loans he facilitates are FHA government guaranteed. With that in mind, no one should put their faith in anyone else when seeking a mortgage loan.

What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a different kind of home loan that eliminates the homeowner’s monthly payments. In getting a reverse mortgage, the homeowner has the capability to access the equity in their home. The repayment of the loan can actually be deferred until the homeowner passes away, moves out, or sells the home. While interest is still added to the balance of the loan, the homeowner does not have to make any payments to their loan; the only payments related to their home that they need to worry about are homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

Formerly with Coast to Coast Lending Group Incorporated, Leger has the experience required to help any senior obtain and maintain their reverse mortgage. These loans make it possible for individuals to stay in their homes and live financially comfortably for years to come. Reverse mortgages are designed for older individuals who need to collect on the equity of their homes. The money saved from their reverse mortgages can be put toward medical bills, monetary gifts, and even to pay off other debt.

A reverse mortgage, when possible, is a smart move for any senior; however, using Leger to facilitate a reverse mortgage makes it that much more savoy.

With a degree from Fitchburg State University, Leger is knowledgeable in entrepreneurship, leadership, and team building, all skills which are required to be successful at any business endeavor. In knowing how to manipulate the mortgage loan system in order to get the homeowner the best deal possible, Leger will always get any senior homeowner the reverse mortgage that will make the most financial difference for them. Leger guarantees that his loans are government approved and follow all the legal guidelines for a loan. Any loan that Leger prepares can be expected to meet all the necessary standards of a loan, and benefit the homeowner through its quality. 

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