All Smart Life Now Offers a Wide Range of Export-Quality Superspeed USB Hubs

All Smart Life is a manufacturer and wholesaler of computer tables and HDTV cables in Southern California. The company recently launched its full range of superspeed USB hubs.

All Smart Life, a renowned manufacturer and wholesaler of USB hubs, recently began exporting various types of USB hubs. The owners of All Smart Life claimed that the USB 3.1 Type C Hub and other products manufactured by them are designed in compliance with internationally accepted specifications. The owners said that they are now trying to find and tie up with offshore distributors that can sell their products in retail markets of different countries, including UK, Australia, and Canada. They maintained that the USB hubs that are now being exported are compatible with latest models of Apple laptops.

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The owners of the leading manufacturer of technology products said that they managed to secure a good position in the domestic market last year. They maintained that they want to capture a larger market in Europe and North America and the superspeed USB products in stock are the ones they wish to promote and export at this moment. One spokesperson of the company said that exporting good quality USB products is indeed a strategic decision that they have taken during the recent management meeting. He said that the idea is to tap into the world retail market for USB hubs which is still not much explored by the company. He said that the prices of the products have been determined based on the international average price.

“The latest Apple Macbook Air, Apple Macbook Pro and all other slimline ultrabooks are compatible with USB Type-C Port. If somebody is still using the older versions of USB, he is living in the Stone Age. Precisely, the wide compatibility and high performance of our products have helped us in retaining our position in the international market for several years. It is now to see how our flagship products, such as the USB Type-C Port on Macbook Air, perform in the international market. We are quite hopeful that the products will garner rave reviews in the international market as well,” said the CEO of All Smart Life during a recently organized press conference in California.

About the Company

All Smart Life is a major distributor and manufacturer of USB hubs and related products in Southern California.

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