The Savvy Event Planner Podcast Announces A New Podcast On Event Planning

Tom Crowl has launched a podcast directed at event planners and event service providers. The new podcasts will air weekly beginning Monday, October 5. The podcast brings event planners and industry experts together to share their secrets, which will be beneficial for people looking to become an event planner or want to increase their experience and knowledge by gaining tips and advice. The podcasts are also great for people looking to hold personal or corporate events.

The Savvy Event Planner Podcast and host, Tom Crowl are pleased to announce the launch of a helpful podcast directed at event planners and event service providers. The guests and listeners share ideas and insights on every aspect of event planning.

Episodes are released each Monday, beginning October 5, 2015. The podcasts are also available at no cost on iTunes and Stitcher. Transcriptions of the podcasts are available for those who need to see the information in print format.

Founder of the podcast is Tom Crowl, a corporate comedy entertainer, author and online entrepreneur. He has pulled together an extensive group of guests to assist listeners in learning more about event planning. The ideas and suggestions address all phases of planning, implementation and follow-up. The host says he will be interviewing vendors, as well as interviewing other entertainers and event planners.

According to Crowl, “I love to see people laugh and smile. In every episode, I’ll be inviting incredible event professionals to offer insights, ideas and case studies. My goal is to share information that will help you plan and host more amazing events.”

The initial podcast was titled “Event Planning Insights and Ideas” and featured Deirdre Crowl. Certified Event Planner. She is recognized for risk management, event promotion and creative solutions. Upcoming podcasts for weeks two and three are scheduled as “Corporate Event Planning Tips: Moving to the Next Level” and “Productivity Tips For Event Planners”.

The weekly podcasts, will be beneficial to people either planning events for their companies, looking to set up their own event planning business or want to learn new tips for an existing business. The podcasts will also benefit those who simply want to put on a great event as part of a celebration.

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About The Savvy Event Planner Podcast

The Savvy Event Planner Podcast is a site full of information for people looking to start a career in the event planning business or who already have a business launching events. The weekly podcasts will also help people putting on one-off events for corporate or personal reasons. The podcasts bring a wealth of experience together from all sectors of the industry.

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