Sandy Kikerpill Leger Works Toward Abolishing Slavery

Kikerpill Leger knows that in order for there to be a change, more individuals must get involved.

Sandy Kikerpill Leger is one of the co-founders of the Abolish Slavery Coalition. In starting this organization, she established the standard for helping others by being a humanitarian through providing resources for those victims of slavery that the Abolish Slavery Coalition saved. She has helped countless individuals rehabilitate their lives after they endured the grips of human trafficking domestically and overseas in places like Cambodia. For years she brought aid to survivors such as nourishment, water, medical aid, education, and vocational training. Devoted to her work, she even personally provided these resources to the survivors that required them. She also brought essential resources to internally displaced peoples in Burma, Laos, and Thailand.

In an interview with the Abolish Slavery Coalition, she clarifies common misconceptions about modern day human trafficking. She also explains the need for awareness of this problem. The reality is that human trafficking is still alive and prevalent, though it is not visible in the United States. Just because it is so unknown in the United States does not mean that we as humans should be apathetic to the plight of the victims of human trafficking. Kikerpill Leger knows that in order for there to be a change, more individuals must get involved and take a stand against such unethical practices such as slavery.

Even with Kikerpill Leger’s busy life that usually involves real estate and financial advisement, Kikerpill Leger has still found time to devote to helping others. By creating the Abolish Slavery Coalition, she has created a forum for the discussion, awareness, and forward-moving action against human trafficking and slavery. This disgusting practice is still happening in the modern world and Kikerpill Leger is a trustworthy individual that has spent years of her life dedicated to putting an end to it.

Kikerpill Leger was a supporter of Proposition 35, a proposition in which more harsh laws against human traffickers are put into place and individuals who are caught participating in enforcing sexual slavery and convicted must register as sex offenders. This proposition is in the state of California, and shows that due to Kikerpill Leger’s awareness of this global problem, individuals are beginning to take action. It is called the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation Act, or CASE, and is the most recent piece of legislation against sexual slavery brought to the forefront. 

Kikerpill Leger knows that the change in these human rights issues needs to begin in schools. In her interview with the Abolish Slavery Coalition, she speaks about educating individuals as early as junior high about the reality of sex, rather than allowing them to be distracted by the glamorization of the sex industry as they age. Kikerpill Leger knows that the change must start with each individual, and with all of humanity binding together, individuals have the power to end such atrocities. 

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