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The mortgage industry has changed, and will probably not be going back to its old ways in the near future.
Particularly in the wake of the global financial crisis, consumers are more aware than ever about the need to partner with reputable, ethical, smart and customer focused mortgage professionals.

While the industry standard used to involve mortgage bankers and brokers being paid on commission, based on the size of the loan they could persuade a consumer to take, the new reality is that the best mortgage professionals are paid on salary. This helps ensure that the mortgage banker is incentivized to pay attention to the needs and financial well-being of the borrower, first, rather than selling the largest loan possible. Understanding the loan terms will drive the mortgage process, and help the borrower become more comfortable with the loan terms.

The process of consumer mortgage lending for residential or investment property purchases can be so complex that many people in the industry get caught up in the “paper chase” and forget about how personal and intimate the role of a mortgage professional is. The borrower discloses extremely private information to someone they may hardly know; which is why trusting in the integrity of the mortgage banker is so important. In addition, the consumer has to rely on the advice of the mortgage lender, assuming that direction they are given is complete and honest. Without the right people-driven and character-focused business model, it can be very easy for a mortgage banker to lose touch with the most important part of the loan: the consumer.

Finding a professional mortgage banker who is dedicated to creating a relationship with each of their clients is not easy. There are firms which have not embraced this as the most important and forward-looking way to develop their business. However, the best, most reliable, and professional mortgage bankers are all morally and ethically focused, and ready to serve clients and their referrals for years to come. The best news is that the consumer benefits from this new business model in so many ways. In addition to finding a trusted resource who can participate in the ongoing financing needs of a family throughout their lifecycle, the consumer can generally count on a relationship-focused mortgage firm for the best rates and preferential terms.

The mortgage industry has changed, and will probably not be going back to its old ways in the near future. Having new and exciting opportunities to partner with family oriented mortgage firms will only give consumers a better deal, and a sense of security, which has been hard to find in the past.

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