Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) set to launch International Carbon Trading Platform

TORONTO – October 9th, 2015 – Carbon Mercantile Exchange (CMX) is set to launch its carbon-trading platform across the Globe to offer bankable carbon offset (credit) trading to the voluntary and compliance markets.

“We’ve signed partnership agreements in 15 countries to properly serve our private and public clients,” stated Trevor Ducharme, President of CMX. “We’ll be launching trading platforms in each country to allow cross border trading and voluntary carbon offset purchases to provide a Global solution to carbon emission mitigation. The majority of our clients are operating in multiple countries and each country carries a different set of regulations with respect to carbon trading or emission reduction strategies.”

To date CMX will operate in Canada, the USA, Colombia, the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, Panama, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, China, France, South Korea, Chile, Japan and France with more expansions planned for late 2015.

“The timing is perfect and our corporate model was well received by our Global partners. Our clients needed an international solution to adjusting their business to combat climate change and we were very pleased with the response. More and more corporations are adapting an internal price on carbon and implementing measures to lower their carbon footprint. We’ve made it easier for them to make these changes domestically and internationally,” stated Ducharme. “All the attention is focused on the United Nations climate change conference and what regulations will be implemented on emissions and carbon pricing.”

The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris, France from November 30th to December 11th. This will be the 21st yearly session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 11th session of the Meeting of the Parties (CMP 11) to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. The conference objective is to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate and establish a price on carbon.

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