Evaluating the Value of Residential and Income Properties

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There are a variety of reasons that a person might need to obtain a realistic value for a given property.

Before listing a home for sale, in the process of purchasing a property, or for a refinance – the list goes on. As part of the valuation process for a home or investment property, a qualified and professional home inspection can make a huge difference in the accuracy of the appraisal.

Home inspectors Los Angeles trusts are able to evaluate the true condition of a property, underneath the paint, carpet and other finishes. Sometimes, finishes can obscure issues on a property – this doesn’t have to be done maliciously, but even a problem that a seller isn’t aware of can result in expensive, time consuming and risky decisions by a buyer. When an attractive and well-priced property is on the market, it may be tempting to forego the home inspection or appraisal in order to get in an offer that’s attractive, and continue to a quick close. This decision can lead to catastrophe. As a result of securing a home inspection, Los Angeles’ property appraisal companies can know everything about a property, even what is covered up by finishes.

A home inspector will evaluate the structural condition of the property, including the roof and major systems. A knowledgeable home inspector is keen in understanding the areas surrounding a home, based on the structure, the size of the lot, and other key factors that will assist in a detailed self-explanatory report. That’s only the beginning of the valuation process, however. The Los Angeles home inspector with appraisal capability actually saves the customer money, and gives a stronger and more realistic valuation of the property. In evaluating the condition of the structure, the Los Angeles home inspection service leads into the valuation part of the process, which is typically handled by an appraiser. During the appraisal part of the valuation, the professional will compare the property to others in the area to add context to the valuation.

A home inspection and appraisal process can help a borrower or buyer to make a smarter decision about getting involved with a property, or to determine the best loan to value ratio to make a smart investment decision. For many years, residential buyers were depending on home inspectors and appraisers in Los Angeles and elsewhere for accurate information, but they were not getting it. Following the financial crisis, the accuracy and factual nature of a Los Angeles home inspection and appraisal is without question when a consumer or investor is working with a professional.

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