The Importance of Content Syndication to Ensure Business Success

Transforming readers into consumers is our goal.

What is content syndication and how can it benefit a business

Content is king! We have heard this over and over again throughout the years, but why?

Content alone can have many positive benefits, but when syndicated and dispersed on 15,000 different media and news sites across the web; the power behind these articles is greatly increased.

What are the SEO affects that content syndication has on a website

After an informative, well-written article is published to these authoritative websites, the backlink that is created through that article has the ability to boost the page rank on a business website. When a business has a PR seven backlink this tells Google that you exist and can be trusted.

Aside from the SEO affect that responsive design has on a business, it gives consumers a better user experience by encouraging them to investigate your site/product further.

When our world-class group of writers and editors attack an article, investigate your specific goals and put together a piece that can be picked up by bloggers and shared, the social feast begins. The article goes viral and all that attention is pointed back to your website. This is golden power.

What should the content be written about

It is important to write towards a broad audience. This allows the article to be shared on a wider platform and increases the chances of going viral by 52%. Content has become an integral part of marketing.

With a world-class army of talented writers and editors to construct an article specific to your audience, yet broad enough to be shared by the internet’s top bloggers, success is inevitable.

How cost effective is content marketing

Content syndication through any other platform can cost a pretty penny. This is where we come in. When the price is right to send your business to the top of Google, all while gaining authority for a responsive website design, the decision is easy. Our service has the ability to lower the money spent on AdWords and PPC cost. This form of marketing at such a pleasant price is like finding gold.

Transforming readers into consumers is our goal. When this process takes place, consumers are taken on the ride of their life through the buyer’s passage and in return, revenue takes a jump up and to the right.

When dreaming about content marketing and the power that it holds, it is crucial to keep in mind that quality overrides quantity

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