The Real Truth About Mobile Responsive Web Design

The term Responsive Web Design is used to refer to web sites that are able to look great, no matter what size screen they are on.
Most individuals know that the best way to present a website is in a way in which it can be easily seen and used on a mobile phone.

It is less well known that beginning in April, 2015, the search engines that can make or break a company’s brand on the internet have started requiring websites to be mobile compatible. This change in Google’s algorithms means many companies that have been web capable for years are now scrambling to bolt on a mobile web solution, without redesigning their entire websites.

Individuals in the tech industry would scratch their heads at this; why not redesign the entire website? A website that is more than eighteen months old is dated, anyway, and probably needs a refresh. The look and feel of a site can significantly impact the traffic it gets on any platform. Individuals who are not in the tech industry look at the process of web design and re-design very differently. They see that a website takes a lot of work, they anticipate trouble getting the right look and color scheme, and they fear what will happen to customers who might not like the change.

The truth is that most websites really do need to be updated more regularly. Google’s changes that require mobile web design are creating a web that is faster, more secure and better able to serve clients. For some individuals, there will be some difficulty experienced in getting a mobile web site set started; however, choosing the #1 Portland Maine web design firm will make the process seamless and profitable.

The term responsive web design is used to refer to web sites that are able to look great, no matter what size screen they are on. Responsive sites can also offer different ways to navigate the site, based on the kind of device that is being used. They are dynamic, fast websites, and the best source for Portland Maine Responsive web design is Sell More Social. The team has been designing mobile websites, menus, and secure responsive payment websites for years.

Their resume is truly impressive, and their clients rave about their service. When Sell More Social, the #1 Portland Maine web design firm, takes on a new client, the partnership is one that will last. Sell More Social will take the time to fully understand the client’s needs and ensure that the right solution is created to exceed the client’s expectations.

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