Richard Leger’s Involvement in the Abolish Slavery Coalition Brings the Nonprofit to New Heights

With more forward thinking individuals who are trying to make a difference in the world, the world would be a safer, more harmonious place.

As executive director and co-founder of the Abolish Slavery Coalition, Richard Leger worked as a humanitarian for the freedom of enslaved individuals across the world. Being a human rights activist is something he is passionate about and is most important to Leger. Feeling vehemently about liberating enslaved people, and doing work toward abolishing sexual slavery, Leger started the Abolish Slavery Coalition in 2009. This remarkable nonprofit organization has since helped countless individuals rehabilitate their lives after years of being enslaved by human traffickers.

For most individuals, it comes as a surprise that there is even a need for others in the world like Leger. Most individuals believe that slavery ended with the civil war; however, it is Leger’s hope that his work with the Abolish Slavery Coalition will bring to light the reality that slavery is a very real issue that is still alive in the modern world. Slavery is not only existing in just third-world countries; but there is also slavery in places as close to home as North America.

The need for individuals like Leger becomes apparent when one does some research into slavery in the modern world. With more forward thinking individuals who are trying to make a difference in the world, the world would be a safer, more harmonious place. In order for a change to been seen in the world, we all must follow Leger’s example and take a stand against a wrongdoing that is happening.

Slavery does not just exist in small pockets of the world; it is actually on the rise. Human trafficking is crossing borders from Tijuana, Mexico and into California. The need for organizations like the Abolish Slavery Coalition is becoming increasingly prevalent. With the increase in human trafficking in the southern area of California, more people being aware of this issue is required. Leger knows this, and created the Abolish Slavery Coalition to bring to light, and aid in helping to change the lives of those who are victims of slavery.

Leger co-founded the Abolish Slavery Coalition and since then, it has made strides in helping to establish awareness and renew the lives of those affected by human trafficking. The city of Chico’s mayor even recognized the organization, and on December 30th, 2001 President Obama declared January to be “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month.” With all the awareness Leger accomplished spreading, it is apparent he is making his effect on the world. 

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