PCS Software to refine the Intermodal Dispatch Management feature

PCS Software to refine the Intermodal Dispatch Management feature set within the Express Transportation Management Software Suite with version 19 release

While the Express TMS Intermodal Dispatching System has always been capable of handling even the most complex dispatching challenges, version 19 takes the system to the next level.

By automating inventory management and developing screens and tools customized to each step in the Intermodal dispatching process, Express dramatically reduces the number of steps involved in the dispatching process while organizing the dispatcher’s personal environment for simplicity and ease of use.

1) New, cleaner design emulates the most modern software design language standard.

2) Redesigned dispatching process includes “1-screen dispatching”. Allowing for complete end-to-end planning for loaded movements and related equipment repositioning.

3) Automated equipment inventory management silently tracks and updates equipment position and status information during ordinary dispatching processes.

4) Deeper Mobile Express integration allows drivers to continuously submit activity information that automatically updates assignment and equipment status information.

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