Families Play a Critical Role in Substance Abuse Prevention, Explains Chapters Capistrano

There are many factors that influence substance use, says Chapters Capistrano, but families can be proactive in educating children and reducing risk.

While there is no way of knowing for sure who will develop an addiction and who will not, creating a safe and structured environment at home is a good start. When children have positive influences, rules and routines, and understand the impact of drugs and alcohol, it can help them to make healthier choices. According to The Andover Townsman, family dynamics are a key part of substance abuse prevention. Chapters Capistrano has released a statement to the press with tips on how parents can reduce risk of substance misuse and encourage communication with their children.

“Children are more observant than we realize and absorb a lot of information from the world around them,” says Susie Shea, co-owner of the executive drug and alcohol rehab center in Orange County. “You may not think they notice when you drink or how you let some rules slide, but they do. Children need structure and routine, even when they resist it. Setting clear expectations and consequences for breaking the rules is important.”

Parents should strive to build close relationships with their children and have open communication. Having a sense of trust and being able to talk about peer pressure, friendship problems, or curiosity about drugs and alcohol can allow parents to provide crucial guidance to their children, notes Shea.

The article also encourages parents to stay involved by attending school events, staying in touch with teachers, helping with homework, and nurturing confidence. Keep things positive and do not put too much pressure on being perfect, but rather support children in trying their best and learning from mistakes.

“Make discussions about drugs and alcohol a natural part of conversation,” says Shea. “Bring it up in relation to a story on the news, something observed at the store, a book your child is reading, or an upcoming event.  Talk about risks and dangers in a way that they can relate to and apply in their own lives. For instance, using drugs could get them kicked off of a sports team and make it harder to remember information for a presentation or test.”

Having strong family bonds and being involved in chores around the home can make children feel more respected and valued. Setting a good example can instill positive values in children and support healthy decision making, explains Shea. “Children mimic what they see. If they know that drugs or alcohol are not acceptable and understand why, this can stick with them when faced with temptation. Teach and show them better ways of dealing with stress and coping with challenging situations.”

For families that do have a history of addiction, be honest with children as they get older about this as well so they know their risk. “The pattern doesn’t have to continue,” says Shea. “If you are struggling with addiction, seek treatment and show children that change is possible. Let them know that there is help and hope.” Chapters Capistrano offers customized and flexible treatment for adults facing substance use disorders who are ready to start a new chapter in their lives. It’s not too late to create a healthy home environment free from addiction, adds Shea.


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