27 Striking Facts about the Startup Economy in 2015 (Infographic) – Study by Coupofy

Entrepreneurs and their startups are what keep the world’s economy ticking and the markets innovating, but who’s leading the entrepreneurial race in 2015 and what does the future look like? A new infographic from Coupofy.com crunches the data with some very interesting results.

While the capitalist empire of the United States still fosters the highest number of startups in the world (4.8 million), emerging economies are seeing huge growth with the likes of India (2.0 M) and Brazil (584,000) building a foundation that will last for decades to come.

Some countries you might assume are at the top of the pack, like tech savvy Japan, are actually lagging behind their neighbours Thailand and Vietnam when you factor in the number of startups per capita. And some of the strongest economies in Europe seem to have left the innovation behind, as there are as many startups in Nigeria as in Germany, and Indonesia has twice the amount as Italy.

East African nation Uganda, which has a long history of war and corruption, has managed to turn the corner to become the most entrepreneurial country per capita in the world. Everyone seems to be starting a business there.

Where the US continues to dominate is with the internet and apps. Remember when Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion?

7 of the top 10 current highest valued startup companies having been hatched on US soil, including Uber, Snapchat and Dropbox. Out of the three Uber has perhaps changed the game the most, allowing virtually anybody with a vehicle to become an efficient taxi service.

Yet if you thought Uber was innovative, what about “Rent The Chicken” that delivers a coop of chickens to your house so you can enjoy fresh eggs for as long as you choose? Sometimes it’s the wacky ideas that have the most success. Other times it’s simply about practicality and solving a problem. Some of the Angel List trending startups for September 2015 include DoorDash (an on-demand local delivery service), BuildZoom (a local online market place for construction contractors), and Kinetic (maker of wearable devices that help keep industrial workers safe).

For more interesting data about the growth in startups, who is investing in them, and how they are innovating, check out the 27 Striking Facts Most People Don’t Know About Startups- infographic by Coupofy.

27 Striking Facts about the Startup Economy in 2015 (Infographic) - Study by Coupofy

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