The winner of editor’s choice award Berry Robinson released his new poetry book ‘Berry’s First Collection’

Poet Berry Robinson has released his poetry book ‘Berry’s First Collection-Dream/Fantasy/Reality’ which is a delightful collection of poetry on a variety of topics. His poems touch the real life and real emotions of the people in topics such as being the best, hardship, death, lost of a loved one, reflections, love, family ties, school days, friendships and so much more.

Talented poets like Robinson still maintain the charm and popularity of poetry in the present year which it held half a century ago. Despite a number of new entertainment sources emerging day by day, poetry still holds the old classic charisma which is incomparable to other new age entertainment sources.

Poet Berry Robinson is well known for his earlier publications in the International Library of poetry such inclusion as The Who’s Who in poetry edition and as a two time winner of the editor’s choice award from

He started his poetic career at the age of 24 after which there was no looking back for him. He put all his heart and efforts in writing poetry and came up with the collection of mesmerizing poetry for the readers.  The book touches almost every topic of poems the readers can imagine.

An excerpt from his poems reads, “Veterans go into a battle with, the foe machine gun to vest, toe to toe bringing freedom with, every death until nothing is left, coming home seems to be a dream fighting, for hollow value at times it seems”.

One can clearly see how beautifully Berry has expressed the emotions of the army men in this beautiful poem.

The book is available for purchase on Bookstore and iTunes


Berry Robinson is a two time editor’s choice award winner as well as two sounds of poetry winner. Readers will be able to relate quite easily to the poet and will find themselves inspired throughout the book.  As a deep thinker he expresses the ordinary in extraordinary form which is quite well reflected in his new book. The poems inside this book are truly a find for all time.


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