Middle Empire, a New Strategy Game, Strives to Combine Settlers of Catan and Risk in One Game

After the recent release of Middle Empire, the card driven strategy game from NateCo Holdings LLC, the game continues to impress consumers.

Do you like playing games such as Settlers of Catan or Risk, but hate the time commitment or how the dice never roll in your favor? NateCo Holdings LLC, a small game company in Delaware, recently created and published a new strategy board game called Middle Empire. Middle Empire strives to combine the familiar game play of both Settlers of Catan and Risk while giving you more control over your strategy. Players can learn how to play Middle Empire in 15 minutes and play a full game in only 30 minutes, the game boasts. The game can be played with 2-4 players.

“Played one game with 3 players and immediately wanted to play again adding a 4th player,” comments a player from the 2015 World Board Gaming Championships “Adding the advanced rule about all players being to able to use each others roads amped up the fun even more.”

Middle Empire is a card driven game that allows you to decide your own strategy by picking from the 3 different decks of cards. By picking construction cards, you can try to quickly upgrade strongholds into empires to win the game. With attack cards, others may opt to try a Blitzkrieg strategy by taking over many territories, upgrading them to empires to win. This may also involve a sneak attack from the other players. The game is a balancing act of card picking, timing the playing, and reacting to the other player’s moves.

You won’t catch players on their smartphones checking their facebook news feed. They’ll be watching the cards you pick and how you play your turn, to see how it affects them.

The game is currently available online for $19.99 at NateCo Holdings LLC’s website, www.natecoholdings.com and Amazon. It is also available at a handful of local game stores in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland area. Local Delaware Walgreens stores will also have copies available soon.

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NateCo Holdings LLC is a small gaming company located in Delaware. The company was created to promote and sell the new strategy board game, Middle Empire, which was created by Nathan White.

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