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The global terahertz (THz) radiation devices and systems market is growing with a considerable rate, due to increasing popularity of  techniques such as ultrasound and infrared (IR). Terahertz radiations are used to control, inspect, and monitor, the infrared and ultrasound techniques. Terahertz technologies are replacing less safe technologies, such as nuclear and x-ray, due to their ability of penetrating through barrier materials for performing non-ionizing and non-contact testing. Terahertz technologies opened the scope for various new applications in telecommunications and biomedical fields, which is further driving the growth of the global terahertz radiation devices and systems market.

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The frequency of terahertz radiation falls between infrared radiation and microwave radiation. When the frequency of electromagnetic radiations becomes very high, the electronic counters are unable to measure them digitally. Therefore, it must be measured with the help of proxy, which uses the properties of energy and wavelength. Correspondingly, the modulation and generation of coherent electromagnetic signals in high frequency range is not possible with the conventional electronic devices; which requires the development of new techniques and devices using terahertz radiation technology. The terahertz radiation can be obtained through natural and artificial sources. In natural source, terahertz radiation is emitted as a part of the black body radiation, from substances with temperatures greater than about 10 kelvin. While in artificial source, the terahertz radiation can be obtained through backward wave oscillator, varactor multipliers, organic gas far infrared laser, free electron laser, synchrotron light sources, and electronic oscillators, based on resonant tunneling diodes.

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Earlier, the application of terahertz technology was limited to laboratory applications and radio astronomy, due to their expensive and bulky systems. However, with the technological advancements in terahertz technology, it became commercialized in markets such as weapons detection, industrial process monitoring pharmaceuticals quality control, and non-destructive testing.

On the basis of enabling technologies, the terahertz radiation devices and systems market can be categorized as THz waveguides, THz detectors, THz sources, and THz regulators, switches, lenses and other devices. On the basis of type, the terahertz radiation devices and systems market can be categorized as communication devices, therapeutic devices, sensors, imaging systems, computers and spectroscopes.

On the basis of end users, the global terahertz radiation devices and systems market can be categorized as healthcare, security or public safety, scientific research, manufacturing, multipurpose, and military or defense. The global terahertz radiation devices and systems market can also be categorized on the basis of application as astronomy, medical imaging, passenger screening, land mine and IED detection, process or quality control, compact and low-cost THz cameras, diagnostics, target acquisition and identification, and art and archaeology.

Terahertz gap creates hindrances in the practical applications of terahertz radiations. Terahertz gap refers to the technologies that are required to channelize, generate, and detect terahertz radiation exposed to real-world constraints, such as operating temperatures, cost, and size. However, the recent developments in terahertz radiation waveguides, sources, and detectors have been minimizing the terahertz gap. All this is supporting the growth of the global terahertz radiation devices and systems market in various applications, such as nondestructive testing, medical imaging, and transportation security.

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Some of the competitors in the global terahertz radiation devices and systems market are Applied Research & Photonics Inc., Bruker Corporation, Menlo Systems GmbH, Innovative Photonic Solutions, LongWave Photonics LLC, Bridge12 Technologies Inc., Del Mar Photonics Inc., Digital Barriers PLC, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Jena-Optronik GmbH, Advantest Corporation, Novatrans Group SA, and Becker Photonik GmbH.

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