Maximizing the ROI on Community Support

Kadince offers financial institutions like banks and credit unions as an easy way to begin integrating new solutions and new technologies into their broader business model.
There is not an industry on the planet which is not tightly focused on improving ROI.

The conversations about maximizing efficiency and properly applying technology extend across verticals and run deeply through the professions. Traditional, old-school firms where expenses have long been embedded entitlements are not surviving with that attitude any longer. The need to operate pragmatically is everywhere, and the desire to operate in a way that’s fair to shareholders is surging.

One of the most traditional of all industries is finance. An attitude of intention, deliberation and value permeates the very fabric of the finance world, which has always thought of itself as lean. Some of the financing companies which are branching out into new technological frameworks are doing so now because they have no other choice. The mandated need for new regulatory requirements has forced finance to face either extreme hiring or leaner operating models that leverage better technologies. Community banks, credit unions, and focused financial institutions have to make every dollar and every minute count; not only in their return to their investors, but also in their return to the very communities that support them.

Kadince offers financial institutions like banks and credit unions as an easy way to begin integrating new solutions and new technologies into their broader business model. For instance, Kadince has built its reputation on designing workflows that are automated, flawless and highly designed for effective, elegant processing. Most organizations could benefit from a work flowing engine designed especially for their industry, by intelligent insiders. Measuring the inputs to processes and structures like marketing, which may be highly embedded and irregularly examined in financial institutions, lets Kadince users actually establish a value and a return in the investments related to that workflow.

The chance to measure outcomes is generally exciting to finance professionals! The chance to turn the analysis of productivity into new and meaningful management decisions is even more exciting. So much marketing is below the budget line in professional finance and related organizations. For financial institutions that are dedicated to making an impact in their communities the ROI analysis of each volunteer activity of every employee’s contribution to the community at every level can be tracked and measured so that new choices can be made that actual return dollars to the bottom line.

In short, it’s about the measurement of effort – output correlated to input, correlated to impact. The easy to use, single pane of glass topology that Kadince offers can make a decision about support and focus on simple matters. Customized donation requests and approvals become impact analyses, rather than financial minefields. Better still, the tieback to marketing is built in and credible. The internal marketing alone will give employees a sense of their importance, and the importance of being a vital link in the organization’s impact chain. The recruitment tools are all there, showing the presence of the institution in the community, and the public relations story writes itself. 

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