The Challenges that Come Along with a Dual-Diagnosis

The end game, which is often fatal, is one in which the struggling individual returns to a world they once knew, immersed in drugs or alcohol.

The chance for an individual struggling with addiction to receive treatment, while they are being treated for multiple underlying physical and mental health conditions, is not available at every drug rehab Utah. The substance treatment programs which offer dual diagnosis treatment options are among the most advanced, reputable and high quality staffed organizations, and will offer the patient a fantastic chance at a long-term and fully-realized recovery.

When a patient’s underlying medical concerns have led to a life overtaken by addiction behavior and controlled by the need and desire for a drug, there is little point in treating the addiction alone. It is crucial that the individual receive treatment that will affect all of their physical health and mental health needs at once.  If not, an addiction therapy, however well delivered and well designed, will not be enough to stop the individual from re-engaging in addictive behavior later on in life. There may not be an immediate fallback into substance abuse or addiction. In fact, many who struggle with addiction that do not enjoy the highly beneficial aspects of dual diagnosis and treatment are able to maintain a sober way of living for a few solid years after they exit recovery; however, when the underlying mental health issues are not addressed properly and triggers begin to re-emerge in the individual’s life, eventually the control skills they learned in therapy will not suffice.

The addict’s way of thinking will recreate an environment in which they must let go of their accomplished sobriety in order to handle the pressures and judgments that may come from within, or from the environment in which they find themselves. What can lead to isolation and a rough day for some, can lead to a return to substances and drinking for others. The end game, which is often fatal, is one in which the struggling individual returns to a world they once knew, immersed in drugs or alcohol.

When a patient returns to their previous substance driven behaviors after being clean for an extended period of time, their body is not accustomed to the reintroduction of the drugs and alcohol. The chance of overdose is increased when a recovery patient returns, even for just a moment, to their previous using companions and recreational pursuits; therefore, preventing this negative behavior from happening is one of the goals of a state-of-the-art alcohol recovery and drug treatment program. The skills taught in this environment can save a life.

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