Hand Rehab Patients Are Provided Hope with ExoGlove

NEW YORK, NY – 12 Oct, 2015 – The ExoGlove provides Patients requiring physical or occupational hand rehabilitation a wearable solution that can help with daily activities without constraining the natural movements of joints.

“The soft actuators embedded onto the ExoGlove provide a very natural, assisted hand movement,” says Dr. Raye Yeow, who co-created the ExoGlove at the National University of Singapore with Mr. Yap Hongkai. “It provides potentially safer human-robot interactions, as compared to traditional ‘hard’ actuators.”

For many years, patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases have had secondary hand impairments as a result of their disease. These diseases range from Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy, to those who have suffered from a stroke or traumatic brain injury. While there are several other gloves on the market, the ExoGlove is completely unique and sets itself apart.

The flexible, compliant, and lightweight ExoGlove is made entirely of soft fabric and elastomeric materials, thereby providing a compatible robotic device that can be used under fMRI to study the effect of robot-assisted therapy on brain stimulation. The glove’s overall structure consists of Velcro hook straps. It also contains four, soft actuators that include attached Velcro loop straps that correspond to the index, middle, ring, and small fingers. The actuators can be easily attached to the glove via the Velcro straps.

The ExoGlove works by being connected to a control system that is comprised of a miniature diaphragm pump, solenoid valves, and a battery, which modulates the pneumatic pressure input into the soft actuators. The glove’s soft actuators are able to generate well-distributed pressure on the fingers, which minimize the localized pressure points that could otherwise cause joint hyperextension and subluxation.

Dr. Yeow says, “We are now opening the ExoGlove to clinical trials and hope therapists will consider utilizing our product. Our hope is that this glove will change lives and make living with neurodegenerative disorders easier, safer, and less stressful for patients all over the world.”

To learn more about the ExoGlove and how the National University of Singapore is innovating with robotic technology, visit: http://www.bioeng.nus.edu.sg/eilab or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRq_Yu06hEQ to view an in-depth video presentation about how the ExoGlove works.

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