Tzarina Fur Redefines Luxury with the Creation of Princess Fox Jacket Signature Piece

An innovator in fur and high fashion design, Tzarina Fur has set the standard for glamour for Fur Fashionistas worldwide!

October 12, 2015 – Dubai, UAE – Tzarina Fur, a premier luxury brand specializing in colored fur garments is proud to announce that its famous “Princess Fox Jacket” is now the most coveted item in any fashionistas’ wardrobe. Available in classy chic pastel colors and styles, ranging from pinks to smooth violets,  its signature fox fur garments have taken social media by storm and are now widely copied all across the globe.

According to Tzarina Fur’s spokesperson Milana Graff, “The owner, the beautiful 28 year old Ollia Rarisame (recently cast as a supporting lead to Jean Reno and Salma Hayek in the upcoming movie ‘The Krostons’) launched the brand only half a year ago after successfully selling her couture brand ‘Rarisame’ to a German holding company at the age of 26. Tzarina Furs prides itself on giving the customers the item they will enjoy for years to come. Our jackets are weightless, lined in silk, they are pure luxury, yet very affordable comparing to other brands, what’s not to love?”

Ollia Rarisame in Tzarina Fur Jacket:

Tzarina Fur’s high-fashion fur collection showcases hundreds of exclusive styles for women that allow them to express their individuality and create a unique look. Based in Dubai, their garment range is inclusive of fur jackets, fur coats, fur vests, faux fur jackets, faux fur vests and faux fur coats. As a company they focus on quality, design and value, and strive to provide clients worldwide with stylish and everlasting garments. In fact, they are fully capable of delivering products to any place in the world. However, the price of shipping to each destination varies. Once the order is shipped, a dispatch notification is provided to the buyer. Moreover, from time to time, the company also provides special offers and discounts for certain garments.

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About Tzarina Fur

Ever since its launch, Tzarina Fur has set the standard for glamour and affordability for fashion lovers worldwide. Known for sophisticated and modern style, their unique fur garments have attracted a lot of followers throughout the world. Ollia Rarisame is the owner of Tzarina Fur, and she is available for interviews and media appearances.


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