New Animated Film Announced by Boat Angel Family Films

MESA, AZ – 12 Oct, 2015 – Boat Angel Family Films is proud to announce the completion of Jake and the Giants, a musical, animated film for all ages.

“We are so excited that Jake and the Giants is complete and is being shopped worldwide to theatrical distributors,” says Executive Producer Richard Lewis (Hannah-Barbera). “I am really proud of the cast and crew and truly believe families across the world will be enthralled with this story and the theme of You are Never Too Small.”

Jake and the Giants is about a young boy named Jake (Voiced by Debbi Derryberry of Castle in the SkyToy Story, and Peter Pan), his sister Joanie (Voiced by Katie Leigh of My Little Pony and The Adventures of Gummi Bears), and their dog Waldo, who are the only ones left in the village of Shiloh after a vicious attack by gold-thirsty giants and their monkey henchmen. The captured inhabitants are carried away by boat and taken to a mountain top gold mine to work as slaves. The adventure follows Jake, Joanie, and Waldo on their dangerous quest to rescue their family from the mine with the wisdom of Wisey the owl, the encouragement of Whitey the albatross, and a family of riverboat beavers who give them a rescue vessel. They discover that even if a task is difficult they can find success, especially in helping others.

“This film is a family-friendly feature, that is reminiscent of many of the timeless stories, including The Hobbit and Jack and the Beanstalk. The animation is very good for a small studio production and the music has fun, toe-tapping tracks that are fun to sing along with,” says Bob Pearyea, film reviewer.

Brian Stewart (Adventures of Donkey Ollie), the film’s author, stated, “With the great animations by Tom Pong, combined with the directorial vision of Kent Butterworth (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), this film will, without a doubt, impact viewers of all ages. We are hoping that parents and children will leave the theatre with some of the songs stuck in their head as well.”

The trailer for Jake and the Giants can be viewed Here.

To learn more about the film and Boat Angel, visit or call Richard Lewis at 818-903-5481.

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