David v. Goliath and the Story Continues…

The City of Calabasas, “Goliath” Begins Round Two of an Ongoing Employment Case,

This Time for Violating an Employees Civil Rights.

SHERMAN OAKS, CA – 12 Oct, 2015 – On September 25, 2015, the Fraigun Law Group filed a lawsuit for VIOLATION OF CIVIL RIGHTS against the City of Calabasas, its City Manager, several employees and several of its board members: ANTHONY M. COROALLES; ROBIN PARKER; JOHN BINGHAM, FRED GAINES, MARY SUE MAURER, DAVID J. SHAPIRO, and  JAMES R. BOZAJIAN.

Initially, David beat Goliath when Jacobsen, represented by his-longtime friend and advocate non-attorney Gerri Cannon soundly beat the City of Calabasas and their lawyers at the Termination Appeal Hearing.  The Hearing officer found that:

“Based on the analysis, the City did not have good cause to terminate Jacobsen on the collective grounds set forth in the Notice of Intent to Discipline… it is the decision of this Hearing Officer that Jacobsen’s appeal of his termination must be granted, as the City has not sustained its burden of proof.  Jacobsen is entitled to reinstatement to his position as a Building Engineer with all former duties and responsibilities. Jacobsen shall be entitled to back pay and reinstatement of all benefits effective as of the date of termination, Friday, November 8, 2013.”

After the City of Calabasas lost their case and was ordered to reinstate Jacobsen and pay him back wages and benefits, the City surprisingly disclosed for the first time that while Mr. Jacobsen was in the middle of his appeal in Nov 2013, the City “eliminated” the position of Building Engineer, Mr. Jacobsen’s job, without notifying him.

To date, the city continues to refuse to pay Jacobsen his back wages except a meager six weeks.  They continue to refuse to reinstate his job. They continue to refuse to comply with the order of the Hearing Officer they themselves selected.

The City of Calabasas continues to act like a Giant despite the Hearing Officer’s order. In this new lawsuit, the Fraigun Law Group argues, in seven separate causes of action, that the City and its various representatives deprived Jacobsen of his property right, his job!

The Complaint seeks lost wages, reinstatement, attorneys’ fees, various Labor Code damages and penalties and punitive damages.

Additional information on this case will be available as the case proceeds and made available by press release. Attorney Marina Kats Fraigun representing Mr. James Jacobsen Petitioner are available for interviews by contacting MERG Digital.

For interviews or additional information please contact: Gary S. Monroe at MERG Digital by phone (310.945.7414) or email (gsmonroe@mergdigital.com). 


Marina Kats Fraigun, The Principal at the Fraigun Law Group in Sherman Oaks, CA stated, “What should have been the appropriate response by the City of Calabasas – to simply follow the hearing officer’s ruling has now taken a different path. The City continues to act like Goliath trying to crush David. In addition to substantial other damages, the City has now exposed its taxpayers and various individuals to liability for punitive damages, raising this case to a different level.  I am not going to let David get crushed!”.  

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