How Leadership Changes Youth Bullying

Brandon Lee White believes leadership is not a position, age, gender, ethnicity, IQ score, or athletic ability. It’s a choice.
As an author and national motivation youth speaker, Brandon Lee White makes lots of money speaking about leadership and bullying.

Why? Leadership is strongly promoted and bullying is strongly promoted against. Brandon Lee White believes leadership is the answer to face bullying, but the problem is that leadership is poorly defined and rarely practiced. Why does he think this? Brandon Lee White teaches a workshop and the first thing he asks his audience is, “What is leadership is in one sentence?”

Most of the time, no one can give a clear and concise answer.  Here are some examples of the answers Brandon Lee White receives: “Leadership is getting people to follow you.” OK, so if a person speeds down the highway and that person gets a police car to follow them, Are they a leader? “Leadership is getting people to do things.” The list goes on and on. The problem is that there is, obviously, some truth to these answers, but they are lacking clarity and practicality. The dictionary defines the word lead as, “To go before or with to show the way.”  Even the dictionary struggles to define what it means to lead!

Brandon Lee White believes leadership is not a position, age, gender, ethnicity, IQ score, or athletic ability. It’s a choice. It’s the choice to influence a person or group of people towards a certain outcome. You can choose to influence with coercion, but you will become a dictator leader. Dictators are bullies. Bullies are dictators. There are student bullies, teacher bullies, adult bullies, parent bullies, and many more. Bullying is a form of leadership, but it is destructive and harmful especially to the follower. Brandon Lee White believes positive leadership is necessary for youth, because it teaches youth to respond to negative leadership. A positive leadership skill such as communication, courage, and compassion is our greatest defense against bullying. It’s about knowing what to say, how to say it, and having the guts to actually say it!

More than leadership training, we need people to teach it and live it.  Leadership is demonstrated by people who care, like our favorite coaches and teachers growing up. They were positive leaders, because they were the ones who chose to help us get the more positive outcomes. We need more people like that, and Brandon Lee White believes they are out there. With courage and compassion, leadership changes bullying when teachers, adults, and youth acquire the leadership skills to the respond to bullies and their victims.

Let’s keep promoting leadership, but more importantly, let’s lead more with our actions rather than our words. Actions speak louder than words. So, what will you do after reading this that will influence someone? Will you stick up for someone? Will you lift someone up? Will you apologize or forgive someone? Will your actions influence anyone towards a more positive outcome? Leading through communicating courage and compassion can change everything

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