Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada Launches New Directory Of Canadian Debt Consolidation Companies

Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada has created a brand new nationwide directory of debt consolidation companies in response to demand from users seeking debt relief.

Having bad credit can make life miserable, and getting the cash injection necessary to change those circumstances to transform fortunes and get clear of bad credit can be next to impossible. Indeed, many seek to consolidate their existing debts as a way to pay them down more effectively. Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada is a site that specializes in helping people find reliable, high quality bad credit loan providers. The website has now expanded its mission to help people get debt free by offering a nationwide directory of debt consolidation companies.

Debt consolidation ( enables individuals to write off a portion of their debt, then repay the rest with a single monthly sum. The website has opened a new arm of its directory services specifically for companies who provide this service. All companies who list themselves must be fully vetted to ensure they offer a quality service in their respective areas.

The directory can be searched geographically by province, city or locality, enabling people to find smaller providers who operate on their level who may be able to offer a better solution than many of the multinational companies, with lower rates of interest and flexible repayment schemes.

A spokesperson for Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada explained, “We understand the importance of getting debt under control, which is why we have created a new section of our online directories to help people do just that. We have already expanded into bad credit auto loans ( that can help people get back on the road again, and now we have companies that can provide a roadmap to becoming debt free in a manageable, affordable manner. The directory is currently still new and being expanded every day, with our researchers adding companies as well as companies applying to be added, so individuals should bookmark the page and check back regularly for the latest information.”

About Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada:

Bad Credit Personal Loans Canada is an online resource center providing a nationwide directory of loan providers throughout Canada who will offer loans to those with poor or no credit history. The website is regularly updated by a committed team of professionals, and now includes information on car loans and consolidation companies.

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